We representing you Matrixkey 3K keyboards in two versions Duo and Trio.

It’s a keyboard unlike any other. Matrixkey 3K is the unique lighting multilingual LED keyboard. It’s easy to use, elegant and secure.

When you type you’ll feel a difference. Hidden font won’t draw your attention, so it will help you to increase typing speed and decrease a number of errors.



• Modern Health-saving technologies, including the use of antibacterial materials;
• The time of the changeover from one language layout to another is reduced by using Matrixkey 3K technology.

• You can type in a low alighted room

• Illumination of the keyboard increases contrast between symbols and keys, so characters become more distinguishable, that is more physiologic and decreases tiredness of eyes.

• Matrixkey 3K can be used by visually impaired adults and children with visual deficiencies.


• Pentium or compatible processor;
• 256MB RAM;
• Hard disk capacity 20 MB;
• Windows XP or Windows Vista;
• USB port.


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