What is Matrixkey 3K?

Matrixkey 3K is a keyboard unlike any other.It’s is the unique lighting multilingual keyboard. It’s easy to use, elegant and secure. It makes possible to switch from one layout to another language, illuminating a certain color font for which you are working with the built-in shell buttons LEDs.


How many types of Matrixkey 3K do exist?

There are two types of Matrixkey 3K right now on the market: Matrixkey 3K Duo and Matrixkey 3K Trio with different types of layouts. But in the nearest future you will see two new series: Matrixkey 3K Duo Limo and Matrixkey 3K Trio Limo.


What kind of advantages do Matrixkey 3K have?  

Matrixkey 3K is modern health-saving technology, including the use of antibacterial materials. Here you can see the Hygiene Certificate. The main advantages are easiness and simplicity of use, ability to work under poor illumination, safeness for the eyes. Furthermore this technology helps to reduce the time switch keyboard layouts from one language to another, increase speed, decrease the number of errors.


Is it a certificated keyboard?

Yes. You can find the certificate here.


Where is the Matrixkey 3K technology patented?

The technology Matrixkey 3K patented all over the world.


Is Matrixkey 3K really save for my eyes?

Yes, it is save. We have the conclusion of ophthalmologists. Matrixkey 3K can be extremely useful for visually impaired students and people with visual impairments. Keyboard backlight increases the contrast between letters and keys, making the letters more distinguishable and reducing the level of eyestrain.


Where and how can I buy Matrixkey 3K?

You can order the keyboard with types of layouts you need.

For example:

Matrixkey 3K Duo - Russian / English, English / Spanish, etc.

Matrixkey 3K Trio - Russian / English / Italian, English / Arabic / French, English / French / Spanish, etc.

Please use this special form to make an order. We will contact you as soon as possible.

How can I keep up to date with Matrixkey 3K news and events?

If you want to receive newsletters from our company, please register using the special form.


What should I do if keyboard backlight off?

If the keyboard is not used for a long time, then it geting up into the saving mode and backlighting off. To exit this mode you should press CAPS LOCK.


What are the Matrixkey company plans?

In the nearest future Matrixkey plans to expand the line of manufactured goods. Currently we preparing to release new products based on advanced technological solutions, patented by the company.


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